U-M Payment Plan

U-M Payment Plan

The University of Michigan (U-M) provides an OPTIONAL Payment Plan which allows parents/students to spread payment of anticipated educational expenses for fall or winter term over five payments. The Payment Plan is an alternative option to the normal U-M payment schedule . Students and authorized Parent/Family may enroll in the U-M Payment Plan through Wolverine Access.

Enrollment in the Fall 2024 Payment Plan is now open. 

Enrollment in the Winter 2025 Payment Plan will open mid-October 2024.


Any University of Michigan (U-M) - Ann Arbor campus undergraduate, graduate, or professional school student is eligible to participate in the U-M Payment Plan. Enrollment in the Payment Plan is not automatic. A student must be enrolled in the U-M Payment plan on a term basis.

Please note: Enrollment in the U-M Payment Plan is not automatic for current participants. A student MUST be re-enrolled in the Payment Plan on a term basis.

Qualifying Expenses

The following expenses may be budgeted using the University of Michigan (U-M) Payment Plan:

  • Tuition
  • Mandatory Fees
  • Room & Board (including Blue Bucks)
  • Undergraduate U-M Northwood Community Apartments billed on a term basis
  • Lab Fees
  • Miscellaneous Expenses charged to the student account AND not listed under the "Expenses That May Not Be Budgeted" section below.
  • Computers

The following expenses may not be budgeted using the U-M Payment Plan:

  • Personal Expenses
  • Books
  • Supplies
  • Living Allowances
  • Monthly Rent (Off Campus Housing, Munger Graduate Housing or U of M Northwood Community Apartments billed on a monthly basis)

Please contact Student Financial Services if there are additional questions concerning those charges that may be budgeted through the U-M Payment Plan.

Estimating the Plan Amount

The Plan Amount is the total estimated expenses less the total estimated credits (financial aid awards, student loans, scholarships, etc.-excluding work study awards). It is recommended that in estimating expenses, you estimate high and in estimating credits, you estimate low

When establishing a plan amount, we suggest using the following resources:

1)  Your student account

If your term charges have been posted to your student account, you should use this information to establish your Plan amount.

2)  Financial Planning Calculators

The Financial Planning Calculator is accessible through Wolverine Access.  The Calculator will estimate your term charges based on your student information and information that you provide.  We encourage you to use this tool if available.

3)  Estimated Budgets

If your actual term charges have not posted to your student account and the Financial Planning Calculator is not available, we suggest you use the estimated student budget for the Fall/Winter terms as provided by the Office of Financial Aid (please see link below). This may be a useful guide in establishing the Plan amount. (Please note that the figures provided on the Estimated Budget grid are for the Fall and Winter terms. When budgeting for either the Fall or Winter terms, you will need to divide listed amounts in half.)


Each term that you enroll in the U-M Payment Plan, your student account will be charged for five monthly payments for that term. Your monthly Payment Plan charge will be billed to you on your U-M student account invoice along with charges that may not have been budgeted for in your U-M Payment Plan.

U-M Payment Plan charges are due as follows:

Fall term payments are due monthly June 30 through October 31.

Winter term payments are due monthly November 30 through March 31.

When enrolled in the Payment Plan you are expected to submit payment for your monthly Payment Plan charge, as well as charges due that are not covered by your payment plan by the specified due date.  If the full payment is not received by the due date, a $30.00 late payment fee may be assessed as of the due date in addition to the financial hold that will be placed on your account.

Payments made to your student account will first be applied to your monthly Payment Plan charge and then to other charges that are not covered by your U-M Payment Plan. Please see the link below to review available payment methods. 

Payment Plan Credits

Each term that you are enrolled in the U-M Payment Plan, a credit will post to your student account equal to the Plan Amount you specified when you enrolled in the plan or modified your plan.

Enrollment Fee

There is a non-refundable enrollment fee charged each term for enrollment in the U-M Payment Plan. The current enrollment fee is $30.00 per term.

Enrollment Deadline

Enrollment periods for Fall and Winter term U-M Payment Plans are as follows: 

 Fall Term

Enrollment Period:  April 15 through June 30

Enrollment Deadline:  September 1

Winter Term

Enrollment Period:  October 15 through November 30

Enrollment Deadline:  January 31

Applicants enrolling during the enrollment period will be able to take full advantage of the five payment schedule each term. If enrolling after the enrollment period and prior to the enrollment deadline, payment(s) currently due on the Plan along with the enrollment fee must be paid at the time of enrollment.   If the currently due payments and enrollment fee are not paid at the time of enrollment, a financial hold will be placed on the student’s account for these amounts.

Don't delay - ENROLL TODAY!

U-M Payment Plan Refund Policy

Credit balances created by the U-M Payment Plan may be refunded on a term basis as follows:

Fall term Plan credits will be refundable after October 31. Winter term Plan credits will be refundable after March 31.

Please Note: All scheduled U-M Payment Plan payments must be posted to your student account prior to a refund being issued. All credit balances are refunded according to the general refunding guidelines.

You may reduce the amount of your Payment Plan if you have overbudgeted for the term. Please open the Adjustments to Plan Amounts tab for further information and adjustment deadlines. Adjustments may be made to the Payment Plan through Wolverine Access.

U-M Payment Plan Delinquency

If a U-M Payment Plan account is delinquent in any amount by 15 days or more, Student Financial Services reserves the right to remove the participant from the U-M Payment Plan and the Plan will be terminated. Any payments made on the Payment Plan will be applied to your outstanding charges. Once a Plan has been terminated due to delinquent payment, the normal University of Michigan financial regulations and payment schedules will apply. Payment Plans terminated due to delinquent status may not be reinstated for the same term.

Adjustments to Plan Amounts

An INCREASE OR DECREASE in the Plan amount will be accepted through the following dates for:

TermDeadline for Increase/Decrease

Fall term (five payments beginning June 30)September 30

Winter term (five payments beginning November 30)February 28

There is no charge for adjustments to the U-M Payment. 

After the plan amount has been adjusted, a confirmation email will be sent to the student to notify the student of the change.  If the plan has been adjusted by an authorized Parent & Family, the Parent & Family will receive the confirmation email as well as the student. 

PLEASE NOTE: Cancellation of the Fall U-M Payment  Plan will be accepted through October 31. Cancellation of the Winter U-M Payment Plan will be accepted through March 31.

Cancellation of the Payment Plan

The U-M Payment Plan may be canceled by the student or an authorized Parent/Family at any time without penalty. Any payments made on the Payment Plan will be applied to your outstanding charges. Payment Plans may not be reinstated for the term after the Plan has been canceled. Once a Plan has been canceled, the normal University of Michigan financial regulations and payment schedules will apply. Please contact Student Financial Services toll free at 877.840.4738 to cancel the Plan.

Withdrawals from School

If a student enrolled in the Payment Plan withdraws from the University of Michigan, the Plan will be cancelled and any payments made on the Plan will be applied to outstanding charges on the student’s account. The normal University of Michigan refund policy will apply if application of the payments results in a credit balance on the student's account.

Enroll in the Payment Plan

It’s easy to enroll in the U-M Payment Plan - students and authorized Parents & Family may enroll on-line through Wolverine Access.

To enroll in the U-M Payment Plan…


Through your Student Center:

  • Select ACCOUNT INQUIRY from the FINANCES section
  • Select the PAYMENT PLANS tab
  • Select the ENROLL tab
  • Follow instructions to enroll


Through the STUDENT SELF SERVICE page:

  • Select the PAYMENT PLANS tab
  • Select the ENROLL tab
  • Follow instructions to enroll


  • Select PAYMENT PLANS tab
  • Select ENROLL tab
  • Follow instructions to enroll
Questions? CONTACT US!

If you have any questions concerning the Payment Plan after reading this website, please email, write, call, or fax the University of Michigan (U-M) as follows:

The University of Michigan
Student Financial Services & Teller Services
2226 Student Activities Building
515 E. Jefferson
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1316

Telephone: (734) 764-7447
Toll Free: (877) 840-4738 (From within the US and Canada ONLY)
Fax: (734) 647-0061 
Email: um-sfo@umich.edu

PLEASE NOTE: Participation in the U-M Payment Plan is OPTIONAL. Tuition, fees, room/board and other fees are generally due on or before the first day of class each term. Please see Billing Due Dates for specific due dates.