Guide for Sponsored Students

Guide for Sponsored Students

Sponsored students are those students that are registered and require Student Financial Services to bill an outside sponsor for tuition and fees while they attend the University of Michigan (U-M).

*Starting Fall 2022 The University of Michigan is requiring new students and sponsors to complete our Financial Agreement Forms. Please complete the form and send along with your authorization letter to our office. We are requiring these documents to be signed and completed by August 15th of each year to ensure we have the most current information on file.

We appreciate your participation as we move forward with our new guidelines in order to better serve our students and sponsors.

Please send sponsor forms to our office email address: [email protected]

Sponsorship Eligibility

Student Financial Services will process deferred third party billing of tuition and fees to businesses, governments, agencies and organizations desiring to sponsor a student at the U-M. In order to be eligible for our billing services, the following must be received by our office:

  • Completed Sponsored Student Financial Agreement (Please download this form from the Resources section to the right.)
  • A letter of authorization is required from the sponsoring agency expressly authorizing the U-M to bill the sponsor directly for the sponsored student's covered expenses.
  • Completed Sponsor Financial Agreement (Please download this form from the Resources section to the right.)
Third Party Credit

Once a sponsorship is approved a conditional credit is placed on the student account temporarily covering the expenses authorized for billing by the third party sponsor. This conditional credit does not indicate that payment has been made and does not release the student from financial responsibility for those charges.

Student Billing

Sponsored students are responsible for paying their portion of the bill by the due date. To avoid late payment fees and a hold being placed on your account:

  • Pay your portion of the bill by the due date.
  • Find out what the sponsor commits to pay on your behalf.
  • Find out what your sponsor's requirements are to receive your funds.
Sponsor Invoicing

Third party invoices are prepared on a term basis on a separate schedule than student billing. The University will invoice sponsors during the term but not until after the drop and add period has passed. A $25 processing fee will be included on the invoice. Any additional documents needed by the sponsor such as class schedule, grades, etc. shall be the student's responsibility and should be arranged beforehand.


Sponsors have (30) days upon receipt of the invoice to make payment. Sixty (60) days after the invoice date, if the invoice remains unpaid, the charges that are not paid by the sponsor will be placed on the student account and the student(s) will be billed electronically in the next student billing cycle. Students are legally responsible to pay the full cost of their educational expenses if their sponsor does not pay.

Please note: If the sponsor requires grade or transcript review before payment is made, the University will not authorize third party billing. Any restrictions or contingencies on the authorization are unacceptable. In such cases, the student must pay the original bill and be reimbursed by the sponsor.

DO NOT BILL Requests

If there is a term you do not want U-M to bill your sponsor (i.e. waivers, additional aid, changes in program, etc.), please complete the Do Not Bill Form and send the form to us by email to [email protected]. The Do Not Bill Form is located in the Resources section to the right.

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