Michigan Educational Trust (MET)

Michigan Educational Trust (MET)

To be eligible to participate in the MET program, a MET contract must have been previously purchased from the State of Michigan on the student's behalf. When a MET contract is purchased, credit hours are purchased - not dollars. All billings sent to MET are based on credit hours.

Billable Charges

Each term, MET will pay the tuition and mandatory fee charges associated with the credit hours billed on the student's behalf. Billable mandatory fees vary based on the year in which the MET contract was purchased:

Contracts purchased in 2012 or before and 2020 forward:

The following mandatory fees will be billed to MET for the full fee amount on a term basis:

  • Registration Fee
  • Central Student Government
  • Student Legal Services Fee
  • School and College Government Fee
  • University Unions & Recreational Sports Facility Improvement Fee

Contracts purchased in 2013 through 2019 *:

For contracts purchased 2013 through 2019, MET froze the amount of billable mandatory fees each term at 2012 levels. Therefore, the following mandatory fees totaling $97.19 will be billed to MET on a term basis:

  • Registration Fee: $80.00
  • Central Student Government Fee: $7.19
  • Student Legal Service Fee: $8.50
  • School and College Government Fee: $1.50

In addition, to the mandatory fees listed above, the amounts billable for orientation fees for incoming students (freshmen and transfer students) also depends on the year the MET contract was purchased:

Contracts purchased in 2012 or before and 2020 forward:

MET will pay the actual amount of the orientation fee (not including charges for student housing while attending orientation).

Contracts purchased in 2013 through 2019 *:

MET will pay up to $143.00 of the orientation fee for (not including charges for student housing while attending orientation).

MET will not pay the following charges:

  • Housing charges (even if associated with the dorm stay during orientation)
  • Lab fees
  • Course fees

*These fees will remain frozen unless the purchaser of the MET contract completes and signs an “Agreement to Amend a MET Contract (Mandatory Fees)” form – Michigan Department of the Treasury form 5714.

Activate Your MET Contract

When a student is ready to utilize their MET contract, the student must contact MET to activate the contract. MET must also be notified of the college the student is attending.

Students must notify MET of their intent to attend the U-M prior to the beginning of their first term of attendance.

Students are not required to notify U-M that they are covered under a MET contract.

Academic Majors Requiring More Than 120 Credit Hours

If a student’s major requires more than 120 credit hours and the student’s MET contract four year contract (120 credit hours) was purchased in 2012 or before, the student may submit a Notice to Declare a Major Area of Study form to MET for consideration. MET will then make a determination if additional credit hours may be awarded to the student under the MET contract.

If the student’s four year contract was purchased in 2013 or later and the student’s major requires more than 120 credit hours, the student will not be eligible for any additional credit hours under their four year contract.

Billing MET

Each term MET will send a list to Student Financial Services of those students who have notified MET of their intention to attend the U-M. U-M will bill MET based on this list. U-M bills MET on a term basis. For previously unused MET credits, U-M will back bill MET only for two academic years plus the current year.

Please note:  U-M cannot bill MET for any credit hours not charged to the student's account. This provision may apply to certain study abroad programs. Please inquire with the particular study abroad program as to how their charges are billed.

For questions concerning charges and credit hours billed to MET by U-M, please contact our office.

If you have additional questions concerning the MET contract, please see the contract packet provided by MET or by visiting MET's web site. You may also contact MET directly by calling 1.800.MET.4KID (1.800.638.4543).