Pay / Timekeeping

Pay / Timekeeping

The Pay / Timekeeping area of Payroll is responsible for:

  • The gross pay of employees paid on the following frequencies: 
    bi-weekly (all non-exempt staff, including temporary staff), or  
    monthly (all exempt faculty and staff).
  • Monitoring overtime for non-exempt employees.
  • Calculating salary adjustments resulting from retroactive appointment changes.
  • Creating payments for the salary adjustments - either in the weekly, off-cycle payroll or via a special (online) paycheck.

Contact Information

For biweekly/monthly payroll and timekeeping questions, send an email to [email protected] or call the correct number listed below.

For sick, vacation or leave balance questions, call (734) 615-2000 option 2.

Pay / Timekeeping

Range: The first two digits of the employee's EmplID number (ex. EmplID = 12345678)

RangeNamePhone ContactEmail Contact
00 - 32Faith(734) 615-4881[email protected]
33 - 65Kellye(734) 936-3586[email protected]
66 - 99Tara(734) 647-3977[email protected]


For questions on salary transfers, U-Year faculty, and the non-instructional pool, click on the following link:  Salary Transfers / U-Year Faculty / Non-Instructional Pool 

Other Contacts

TitleNamePhone ContactEmail Contact
Payroll Analyst SeniorLauren Geiger(734) 764-9215[email protected]
Senior SupervisorDenise Welty(734) 763-1115[email protected]
Payroll Associate DirectorLynn Mullaly(734) 763-1116[email protected]