Financial Services - Accounting / Payroll Processing

Financial Services - Accounting / Payroll Processing

The Effort Reporting/Salary Cap area of Payroll is responsible for:

  • Maintaining Effort Reporting process.
  • Review NIH Awards for salary limitation compliance.
  • Review NIH K Awards for effort requirements.

Effort Reporting

NamePhone ContactEmail Contact
Andrea Cunningham(734)


The Financial Services - Accounting area of Payroll is responsibile for:

  • Reconciling the Payroll fund and processing accounting entries
  • Processing cash received for benefit premiums
  • Processing accounts receivable invoices on salary overpayments for inactive employees
  • Maintaining earnings records for compensation provided outside of the central payroll system

Accounting Contacts/Salary Cap Contacts

NamePhone ContactEmail Contact
Amy Mann(734)


The Payroll Processing area of Payroll is responsible for:

  • HRMS Query Requests
  • Recipient Override Requests
  • Pay Run Coordination
  • Subpoenas
  • Bank Reconciliation and Escheats / Unclaimed Property

Payroll Processing Contacts

NamePhone ContactEmail Contact
Gina Potvin(734)
Sal Wallen(734)


Supervisor Contacts

TitleNamePhone ContactEmail Contact
SupervisorSteve Miller(734) 647-3988
Payroll Associate DirectorLeslie Brown(734)