The Deductions area of Payroll is responsible for:

  • Maintaining employees' General Deduction records
  • Processing Writ of Garnishments, Friend of the Court Withholding Orders, Federal and State tax levies, and Bankruptcies
  • Reconciling and remitting General Deductions to the authorized agencies
  • Reconciling Benefit Premium Deductions and remitted premiums
  • Distributing the University portion for fringe benefits
  • Processing and auditing Union Dues
  • Processing Benefit Premium ACH Withdrawal (for retirees only)

Contact Information

For Benefit and Deduction Questions send email to or call one of the numbers below.

Employee ID Numbers beginning in (ex. Empl ID = 12345678):

RangeNamePhone ContactEmail Contact
00 - 33Teresa(734)
34 - 66Catherine(734)
67 - 99Anita(734)


Supervisor Contacts

Payroll Analyst SeniorAndrea Barrett(734)
Senior SupervisorSheila Monty(734)
Payroll Associate DirectorLeslie Brown(734)