The Deductions area of Payroll is responsible for:

  • Maintaining employees' General Deduction records
  • Processing Writ of Garnishments, Friend of the Court Withholding Orders, Federal and State tax levies, and Bankruptcies
  • Reconciling and remitting General Deductions to the authorized agencies
  • Reconciling Benefit Premium Deductions and remitted premiums
  • Distributing the University portion for fringe benefits
  • Processing and auditing Union Dues
  • Processing Benefit Premium ACH Withdrawal (for retirees only)

Contact Information

For Benefit and Deduction Questions send email to [email protected] or call one of the numbers below.

Employee ID Numbers beginning in (ex. Empl ID = 12345678):

RangeNamePhone ContactEmail Contact
00 - 24Teresa(734) 763-0639[email protected]
25 - 49Catherine(734) 647-3986[email protected]
50 - 74Anita(734) 936-3380[email protected]
75 - 99Kim(734) 647-3968[email protected]

Supervisor Contacts

Payroll Analyst SeniorAndrea Barrett(734) 764-7038[email protected]
Senior SupervisorSheila Monty(734) 763-1124[email protected]
Payroll Associate DirectorLeslie Brown(734) 647-3964[email protected]