Journal Entry Support Submission

Journal Entry Support Submission

Sensitive Information

When sending support for a journal entry, do not submit confidential information, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, health information or other types of protected information. Obscure or remove sensitive information from the support prior to submission; departments should retain secured departmental records of sensitive information based on departmental procedures.

Help Tip:

For more information on sensitive information see the following Standard Practice Guides available online at

Sponsored Programs

All journal entries that impact a Sponsored Programs Project/Grant require supporting documentation. Complete and accurate JEs with all required support must be received by Sponsored Programs via Workflow by midnight of the last day of the month to ensure posting for that month’s business.

Non-Sponsored Activity

If the Journal Header Description does not provide enough detail for the journal entry’s activity, additional documentation must be provided to support the transaction. The Journal Header Description along with any imaged supporting documentation must meet the audit standards of a complete journal entry transaction. It is highly recommended that any additional supporting documentation be imaged in the University’s Imaging system by attaching it to the journal before it is posted.

Electronic Submissions

Mail for Non-Sponsored JE support

Include the Journal ID and Journal Date to which the support applies in the body of the message. Support that is emailed must be submitted in a format which is set to print on 8 ½ x11 sheet of paper and sent to [email protected]

JE Attachment

To attach support to a journal entry in M-Pathways prior to it being posted, go to the Header panel and click the Add Support link.

  • Browse to where the support documentation is located
  • Select the document you wish to add to the journal entry
  • Click Open
  • Click Upload

Once support has been uploaded, the journal can now be posted.

Help Tip:
  1. Support documents may not exceed 10MB. If supporting documentation exceeds 10MB, attach to an e-mail and send to: [email protected].
  2. Only PDF (.pdf) and TIF (.tif) files can be added as supporting documentation.
  3. After the journal entry posts, supporting documentation can no longer be added or deleted through the PeopleSoft panel.

For more information, see Create an Online Journal Entry (JE) in M-Pathways – Step-by-Step Procedure in My Linc.

Facsimile (FAX) Submissions

Due to the degradation of the image quality, Financial Operations requests that supporting documentation is not submitted via FAX machines.