Establishing New Gift ChartFields

Establishing New Gift ChartFields

If a gift has been received (or is anticipated due to solicitation), a new project/grant or endowment may need to be opened.

Please note that some new gifts may be deposited to already established project/grants or endowments as long as the donor does not want a specific title for the gift or the donor intent is not covered by already established expendable or endowed accounts.


If a new project/grant or endowment is necessary, fill out the appropriate e-form on the SSC website. 

Once the proper form is completely filled out, it should be submitted with all supporting documentation (gift agreement, solicitation letter, memo or email from the donor).

After the P/G or endowment is established, notification will be sent to the requestor. The Development Office will be CCed on the notification at which time it will then be logged into DART.