A Project/Grant (PG) is a value used to identify a specific pool of money or activity over a finite period of time. This value will always begin with a letter that indicates what type of PG it is. Below is a list of the letters used and their definition:

  • C - project grants that were converted into M-Pathways from the old legacy system
  • N - non-federal sponsored project grants
  • F - federal sponsored project grants
  • P - construction project grants
  • H - hospital construction project grants
  • U - unit defined project grants
  • G - gift project grants
  • M - federal project grants requiring minority sub contract plans
  • R - federal sponsored project grants relating to the Recovery act (economic stimulus money)

The following Funds require a PG on all transactions:

  • Sponsored Federal (20000)
  • Non-Federal Sponsored (25000)
  • Construction (80000 & 80500)
  • Information Technology (81000)
  • Agency (90000)

Management of Project/Grants

Many Schools, Units and Colleges utilize various chartfield combinations within their units. Some of these chartfield combinations will have a project/grant and some will not.  For the chartfields that have a project/grant we recommend that all units establish and maintain reasonable project/grant end dates. Schools, Units and Colleges should implement guidelines which include reviewing their activity on these project/grants at least twice per year and evaluate if the project/grant end date is still valid and reasonable.

  1. For project/grants related to Endowments, extremely long end dates (up to 50 years) would be considered reasonable: 
  2. Construction project/grants the end dates should be based on when completion of the construction project or renovation is expected. 
  3. All other project/grants the end date should be less than or equal to ten years from the date the project was requested to be established.  
    1. Monitor your project/grant end dates semiannually to ensure the need for the project/grant(s) is still necessary. If the project/grant is reviewed and the department determines they still have a need to use the project/grant but it has past the project/grant end date, than a request to extend the project/grant can be sent via the project/grant eform on the Shared Services Center website.   
    2. If you find the project/grant and related chartfields are no longer needed and the chartfield balance is zero (at the fund, department and program level), please submit a request to inactivate the project/grant and or its related shortcode(s).  The request to inactive a project/grant and shortcode can be sent to the Accounting Customer Service Team at the Shared Services Center via the project/grant eform

We also strongly recommend the use of a PG on all Gift Fund (30000) transactions.

Use the Chartfield request form to request and modify Unit Defined (non-sponsored) Project/Grants. Contact the Accounting Customer Service Team at the Shared Services Center with any questions at [email protected] or 734-615-2000, press #3, press #4.