Electronic Time Entry

Electronic Time Entry

There are several types of electronic time entry:

Central Timekeeping

Time entry is entered through Wolverine Access for department employee's by a designated timekeeper. Click here for more information.

Employee Self Service

Time entry may be entered directly by the University of Michigan employee through Wolverine AccessClick here for more information.

Punch Time Clocks and Web Clocks

Time data is collected/reported using a time clock or web clock. Click here for more information.

Biweekly Tenths Chart for Recording Partial Hours Worked

When entering time, biweekly employees must report regular (REG) hours worked plus any variations from REG (e.g. VAC, SCK, PTS) to the nearest tenth of an hour, using this Tenths Chart.


If you have questions about implementing either type in your department, please contact the Manager of the Pay / Timekeeping Section.

Note:All staff who report time and are appointed to a specific Department ID must use the same time reporting solution. This includes staff on both regular and temporary appointments.