Via Employee Self Service

Via Employee Self Service

Another alternative for reporting time data is using self-service via Employee Business in Wolverine Access.

All staff in a specific Department ID must use the same time data entry solution, including staff on regular and temporary appointments.

Employee Business provides Step-by-step Instructions for Approving Time or Reporting Time. Reference material also includes a calendar of cutoffs for time entry by staff.

In a department that is using self-service for reporting time data, staff report their own time in the HRMS M-Pathways system. Time data must be approved before it is used in the payroll system. The individual with the most direct knowledge of a staff member's time usage should approve the time data before each cutoff.

The departmental timekeeper is a valuable resource for staff members and approvers. Also, there are queries that approvers can run in the HRMS M-Pathways system to monitor the accuracy and completeness of time data entered by their staff.

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