Via Central Timekeeper Approach

Via Central Timekeeper Approach

As an alternative to submitting hardcopy time reports to the University Payroll Office, departments can choose to have the time data entered by a departmental timekeeper. The data entry is done in the HRMS M-Pathways system. Departments can design a custom, time report format OR the University Payroll Office can continue to send hardcopy time reports from the central system.

All staff who report time and are appointed to a specific Department ID must use the same time reporting solution. This includes staff on both regular and temporary appointments.

The departmental timekeeper (and a back-up timekeeper) must take the eLearning class TLE122 to receive access to the HRMS M-Pathways system.

  • Click here to log into MyLinc and register for TLE122 Time Reporting Class

Information is distributed to departmental timekeepers via emails and at periodic Timekeeper Network meetings. 

Departmental timekeepers run queries in the HRMS M-Pathways system to monitor time entry for completeness and accuracy.

  • Timekeeper Resources and Queries are located in the Time and Labor Workcenter

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