Tax Information (1098-E)

Tax Information (1098-E)

Every January the billing service, Heartland Campus Solutions/ECSI, mails a 1098-E to each borrower specifying how much interest was received on each loan for the prior year. This information is also available on their website at: after Janaury 15th. Borrowers will need your Heartland Account Number/Key and U-M school code S5 to access the website. Once they have logged in click on Tax Information under the Account Tools section.

For information on interest paid in 2004 or prior, they should contact Student Loan Collections at the University of Michigan 1-800-456-0706.

If you would like any further information as it relates to the provisions of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 they may check the following website:

Because there are various effective dates and requirements for each of the provisions of the Act, the university suggests that borrowers consult their tax advisor to discuss how their personal tax situation could be affected.

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