Lost or Stolen Mcard - Ann Arbor Campus

Lost or Stolen Mcard - Ann Arbor Campus

Who to contact

It is very important to notify the proper authorities of lost/stolen Mcards so that card access can be deactivated quickly, preventing potential unauthorized access and/or charges. Contact the access control administrator of all locations where the Mcard was used. For example, if it was used in/for:

  • Michigan Medicine - contact the Key & ID Office. After business hours contact Security Services (734) 936-7890.
  • Housing meal plans or Blue Bucks - inactivate your lost card online.


Found Mcards

Mcards that are found are generally returned to the Department of Public Safety & Security (DPSS), an ID issuing station, or (ultimately) the Mcard Center or Key & ID Office for Mich Med Mcards. If an Mcard is found and returned to the Mcard Center, an email and/or a phone call will notify the cardholder to retrieve it.

If a purse, wallet, backpack, etc. with an Mcard is found, these should be provided to DPSS.


Obtaining a replacement Mcard

A number of lost Mcards tend to be found after a bit of searching, so it's suggested that cardholders not immediately replace their lost Mcards. If an Mcard isn't found after a day or so, a replacement card can be obtained at any of the ID issuing stations located on campus (Michigan Medicine Mcards are only issued at the Key & ID Office). Effective 7/1/2000, a $20 replacement fee is charged for lost, stolen, or abused Mcards.  Most ID issuing stations accept different payment methods, although please confirm with the ID issuing stations prior to arrival.  

The new Mcard number will be forwarded and updated in about 30 minutes in access control reader systems that operate Housing meal plans, Blue Bucks, residence halls, ITS computer labs, and most campus buildings. If cardholders had inactivated their meal plans and Blue Bucks online, then the cardholders will need to reactivate their meal plans and Blue Bucks after obtaining newly replaced Mcards online at the same website. If cardholders have special/particular access to other locations, the new 16 digit card number will need to be given to the access control administrator of each access control system.

Students who had men's basketball or hockey season tickets need to email [email protected] with their name, student ID number, and the number on the back of their new Mcard. Not having your Mcard updated with the Athletics Ticket Office will affect your attendance at games.

Replacement Mcards will not change cardholders' eight digit UMID number.


Police reports/waived fees

If an Mcard was stolen and a police report was filed with U-M Department of Public Safety & Security or other police agency (police reports from other countries even accepted as long as it is in English), the fee will be waived. A copy of the report or the report number must be given to the ID issuing station prior to the issuance of a replacement card.


Previous Mcards

Once a replacement Mcard is issued, all previous Mcards become invalid. If a cardholder locates a previous Mcard (after a replacement card is issued), the previously lost card cannot be reactivated, used to turn in to an ID issuing station to avoid paying a replacement fee or seek a refund of a previous replacement fee.