Michigan Medicine

Michigan Medicine

Key & ID Office (Michigan Medicine Security Services)       *** No campus Mcards issued here ***
Room C158
Med Inn Bldg
1500 E Medical Center Dr
Hours: Mon - Fri 7 AM - 3:55 PM   
734 763-6376


Accepts: Payments are made at the Hospital Cashier's Office and receipt of payment taken at the Key & ID Office.


Instructions for Expired ID Badges:

  • Full-time and part-time employees with expiring/expired Mcards need to exchange their Mcards for new ones. They will be required to complete and sign a portion of the Michigan Med Mcard form on-site.  If full/part-time employees still have an active profile in the Mcard system and there are no changes, they will NOT need an authorizer’s signature on the form.

  • However if there are changes to department, job title (credentials), access changes or the Mcard has been expired longer than 30 days, then a completed Michigan Med Mcard Request form with an authorizer’s signature. 

  • All other Mcard holders with expiring/expired or other changes will need to bring their Mcards and a Michigan Med Mcard Request form completed and signed by Michigan Med management.
  • A new photo is required if the previous Mcard photo is over 5 years old.


Michigan Medicine Faculty, Staff & Students: Please remember to pick up your fire/safety card when you renew your badge!

The North Campus Research Complex (NCRC) Mcard Office, located on Plymouth Road, will offer an opportunity for Michigan Med staff to replace their expired Mcards weekdays.  See above link for current hours and availability.