Benefits Recharge Distribution (BRD)

Benefits Recharge Distribution (BRD)

The Benefits Recharge Distribution is a monthly fee assessed to University departments to fund retiree benefits and the operating costs of the Benefits Office.

BRD Rate

The current rate applied to the qualifying expense accounts subject to BRD is 1.95%. As part of the University’s annual budget process, the rate is reviewed by the university’s executive vice presidents and adjusted as needed to ensure that the university will adequately meet expense obligations for the programs to be funded.

BRD Process

Certain general ledger salary accounts that earn retiree benefits are used to quantify the expenses that are subject to the BRD allocation. These amounts are then multiplied by the current BRD rate and journal entries are created to distribute the calculated expense amounts.

Qualifying Expense Accounts

The following files list the general ledger accounts that are subject to the BRD:

  • BRD Accounts (xls)
    • BRD Delimited Listing (txt) -  file provides a semi-colon delimited list for copying and pasting into an "In list" parameter (see Image 1 below).

      Sample image of Data Warehouse (BusinessObjects) "In list" parameter

      Historical Rates

      The following table contains the historical rates used in the BRDcalculations.

      Effective Date Rate
      07/01/2019 1.95%
      07/01/2015 2.10%
      07/01/2014 2.05%
      07/01/2012 1.95%
      07/01/2011 1.9%
      07/01/2010 2.0%
      07/01/2008 1.9%
      07/01/2007 2.0%
      09/01/2005 2.3%
      12/01/2004 2.5%
      12/01/2003 2.85%
      07/01/2001 2.3%