Managing the Service Unit Billing process

Managing the Service Unit Billing process

Key Items and Best Business Practices

  • Bill monthly
  • Reconcile your activity monthly
  • Have recharge rates reviewed according to rate approval letter
  • Review Business Objects reports

Reporting Tools Available in Business Objects

Many reports are available to help a unit track SUB activity, from both a vendor perspective and a customer perspective. Many useful reports are listed below. These reports may be run in the UM-Maintained section of Business Objects.

Vendor-Based Reports

  • FN06 Procurement SUB Customers by Vendor
  • FN06 Procurement SUB Vendor 13 Month Billing Trend by Fund/Dept/Program
  • FN06 Procurement SUB Vendor Multi Year Billing Trend by Vendor or P/G

Customer Based Reports

  • FN06 Procurement SUB Recap by Fund/Dept/Program/P-G
  • FN06 Procurement SUB Voucher 13 Month Trend by Dept or Dept Grp
  • FN06 Procurement SUB Customer Recharge Trend by Single Vendor
  • FN06 Procurement Service Unit Billing Detail Report
  • FN06 Procurement Vendor Utilization by Dept or Dept Grp