How to Submit a Recharge Rate Request


All units must submit recharge rates for review and approval to Financial Analysis by emailing all forms and supporting documentation to Upon completion of the recharge rate review, Financial Analysis will issue an approval letter authorizing the department to use the established recharge rate(s).

Recharge rate renewal request(s) must be submited one month prior to the expiration date to ensure enough time for Financial Analysis to review the submission and for the unit to make adjustments if needed.

If the rate approval is time sensitive, please contact an analyst to make arrangements to have the review expedited.

NEW recharge rate requests:
Please download and complete the Request for New Recharge Supplier form and the Recharge Rate Request Template.

EXISTING recharge rates to be updated:
If you already have an existing recharge rate that needs to be updated, it is not necessary to complete the Request for New Recharge Supplier form.  The Recharge Rate Request Template is the only form that needs to be submitted.  Please click on the boxes below for further information.

Please complete each tab within the Recharge Rate Request Template below and return to