How to Complete the Required Request Form

(Tab 1)

How to Complete the Required Request Form

Request Basic Information (Top Right Corner of form)

  • Enter the rate submission date
  • Check box for either First Time Rate (new rates) or Updated Rate (existing rates)
  • Enter Enterprise Financial Planning & Analysis assigned Recharge ID for existing rates

Description of Goods or Services Provided

  • Provide a description of the recharge services provided

Major Recharge Service Customers

  • Check the appropriate box to indicate customers to be billed, i.e. internal, external, or both
  • Units servicing external customers will need to contact:
    • Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) to set external billing processes
    • Tax Department to determine if there is an unrelated business income tax impact

Chartfield Combination Identifying where Costs are Incurred

  • Identify the chartfield used to track your recharge activities in the general ledger
    • Must be on auxiliary internal services fund = 52000
  • For new recharges, identify the department and fund

Chartfield combination for Unreimbursable Costs or Overdraft Funding

  • The unit should identify, for internal departmental documentation, the chartfield that will be used to cover recharge chartfield overdrafts
    • Should come from the designated fund = 40000
    • Medical School units may use 40000, 54000, or 54010
    • Cannot use the same chartfield where ongoing activity is recorded

Signature and Statement of Responsibility

  • Read the statement of responsibility
  • Review the rate compliance checklist (Tab 2 within the Recharge Rate Request template). Check box to signify agreement with checklist items.
  • Print the name and title of the following and obtain signatures where indicated:
    • Department Head or Director
    • Individual Responsible for the Financial Management of the Service (include email and phone number)
  • Signatures are required for approval
  • When virtual environment precludes obtaining direct signatures - 
    • Electronic signatures are acceptable
    • emails from authorized signers approving the rate(s) are acceptable

Additional Contact

  • Indicate additional staff Enterprise Financial Planning & Analysis should contact with questions regarding the recharge rate submission

Email this completed and signed Required Request form (tab 1) and all other forms that apply (tabs 3-5) to:
It is not necessary to return the compliance checklist (tab 2), however, acknowledgment is required on the Required Request form (tab 1).