Online Photo Submission for New Undergraduate Mcard

This web page is only for new Ann Arbor campus first year undergraduate and transfer students.

Online Photo Submission for New Undergraduate Mcard

                                                                                  Graduate students click here.   

The deadline to submit an appropriate photo is December 22nd, 2023. 


If you have submitted a photo previously in the fall of 2023 or earlier and did not pick up your Mcard, contact: for instructions.  




-After photo submission, you will receive an email confirming that the photo was received.  

-Generally, students will be able to receive their Mcard at their on campus new student orientation or their residence hall at move-in.  If orientation attendance is not possible, cards may be picked up at the Mcard Center 1011 Student Activities Building.  

- Please visit a campus ID station to have your photo taken and Mcard printed after submission deadline.


Mcard or photo submission questions, contact:


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See the Mcard PNC FAQs towards the top right of this page.  It also has a Campus Map!