Shared Services Center (SSC) ID Station

Shared Services Center (SSC) ID Station


The Shared Services Center prints Ann Arbor campus Mcards by appointment for non-Michigan Medicine personnel.   The SSC is located near South State Street & I-94 and does offer free parking.   Once you request an Mcard from the SSC, it will be printed prior to your appointment and you are required to pick up the Mcard from the SSC which is located at 1000 Victors Way.  Another ID Issuing Station will not print your card once it has been requested from the SSC.

  • New students, who have submitted photos online, should receive an email regarding how to obtain their Mcards and should not use the Shared Services Center.     
  • If you are seeking a replacement Mcard, please see the Lost or Stolen Mcards page for who to contact about deactivating access and other information.
  • For individuals who have never had an Mcard, please click on your affiliation below to read initial information:

Employee | Temporaries | Contractor/Visitor/Vendor | StudentAlumni | Retiree


Mcard Requests & Appointments

1.  To initiate a request for an Mcard and subsequently make an appointment, first complete this e-form.

2.  Once SSC receives your form submission, they will email you a link to schedule a date/time to pick up your Mcard at the Shared Services Center (if applicable).  If a fee is required, you will be sent additional payment instructions. 


Shared Services Center - Mcards produced by appointment only - no walk-ins

1000 Victors Way, Ann Arbor, MI 48108  (Note: this location is about 4 miles south of central campus)

Hours:  8 AM - 5 PM