Care of Mcards

Care of Mcards

It is very important that Mcards be handled with care, similar to the way care is taken with driver's licenses or credit cards. Mcards should last four to five years without failure. 


  • keep it with your phone and charge the battery
  • Bend it
  • Punch holes in it
  • Apply any stickers
  • Keep it in your pocket
  • Lend it to others
  • Commingle it with other cards, keys, etc.
  • Throw it away


  • Always carry it with you
  • Keep it protected - store by itself in a purse, wallet or cardholder
  • Avoid keeping it in a cardholder attached to a smart device (cell, tablet, etc.) when accessing a building card reader.
  • Deactivate services if it is lost or stolen
  • Bring damaged cards, expired cards, & cards that require data changes to an ID Issuing Station 

It is advised that Mcards not be placed next to any embossed cards (e.g., ATM, Debit, or credit cards) as the raised characters can cause damage to the Mcard black magnetic stripe. Mcards that are turned in to an ID Issuing Station because of normal wear and tear are replaced for free. Cardholders could be charged the Mcard replacement fee if it is apparent that the cards were damaged from abnormal wear and tear. 

Examples of abused Mcards