How much revenue has been booked to my Project/Grant? How to I tell if the sponsor has paid the invoice?

Revenue received on behalf of a sponsored project/grant (P/G) is generally received in one of the following formats: Cash Receipt; Letter of Credit (LOC); or Invoice sent to the sponsor.

  1. Cash Receipt - Some sponsors send payments in advance or based on a set schedule that is agreed upon by the Sponsor and Office of Research & Sponsored Projects (ORSP), on behalf of the University, at the time the P/G is established. Cash receipts appear on the Statement of Activity (SOA) as Sponsor Revenue and the Journal ID starts with CR. Some examples of Sponsors that use the Scheduled/Advance Payment method are: Department of Defense, Air Force and Army; Department of Veterans Affairs; and various Non-Federal companies and foundations.
  2. Letter of Credit - Some revenue is received via the Sponsor€™s Letter of Credit (LOC) mechanism. LOCs appear on the SOA as Fed LOC Revenue and the Journal ID starts with LOC. Some examples of sponsors who use LOC are: National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF); and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). P/Gs on the LOC payment method receive a monthly revenue allocation equal to that month€™s expenses. This is an automatic allocation run during the close of that month's business. Due to the automatic nature of the funding, LOC will fund more than the awarded budget. This does not mean that the funds can remain with the P/G. This issue will be cleared up during the completion of the Financial Status Report.
  3. Invoices - Some sponsors prefer to receive an invoice from the University. Invoices can be sent monthly, quarterly, annually, upon completion of the Project, etc. Sponsored Programs preferred method is to send an invoice to the Sponsor for expenses incurred on a monthly basis (Cost Reimbursable-Monthly). Revenue is booked to the P/G when invoices are sent to the Sponsor. Invoices appear on the SOA as BI Billing (Journal ID starts with BI and revenue received prior to 11/1/03 may show up with Journal ID starting with AR). The SOA shows both the amount of revenue received/booked during the current month and the amount received/booked fiscal year to date. Revenue that has been booked to the P/G by invoice does not guarantee that the Sponsor will pay the invoice. To determine whether or not a sponsor has paid a particular invoice, it is necessary to review an Accounts Receivable Aging Detail Report. The Aging Detail Report shows only the outstanding or unpaid invoices. The Aging Detail Report is available in FINODS or Business Objects. Instructions for running these reports are available on the MyLINC, ITS Reporting by Data Area.

Please contact your Sponsored Programs Customer Service Coordinator for specific questions regarding your revenue and the status of your invoices. To obtain contact information for the Sponsored Programs Customer Service Coordinator for your department, please check your Statement of Activity (SOA) or visit Coordinator by Department.