How do I access my bill?

Monthly student account bills are available electronically in the form of an eBill. Students will receive a monthly email notification sent to their U-M email account when the eBill is ready for viewing/printing. Students access their eBill via the Student Business Page in Wolverine Access. Once on the Student Business Page, select "View Bills" under the Financial Information section.Students may designate up to 4 additional individuals to receive access to each monthly bill. Parents/Family can access the eBills through Wolverine Access as well when the following steps are completed:

  • Designate email address for access

Student designates email address to receive access to his/her on-ling student account bill, summary, and 1098T form. Use the following link for more information on this process: (link to "Parent/Family Authorization for Student Account Access").

  • Create secure login for email address

The authorized Parent/Family member must create a U-M "Friend" login (secure login for U-M computer system) if he/she does not have a U-M email address. If he/she does have a U-M email address, the U-M email address can be designated by the student in the step above and a "Friend" account would not be needed. Please use the following link to create a "Friend" account if needed:

  • Email notification

Each time a bill is generated, all designated email addresses will receive an email notification that the eBill is available.

  • Login to View/Print eBill

The email notification will direct Parent/Family members to Wolverine Access to view/print the eBill using their U-M logon or "Friend" account logon. Once in Wolverine Access, select My Student's Information under Parents & Family, login, select View Bills, and select the month of the bill to be viewed/printed.