How to Submit an ePayment

How to Submit an ePayment

Students and Authorized Parent/Family Only:

Students and authorized Parent/Family members may make an authenticated ePayment to the student account through Wolverine Access using the navigation below. An ePayment is considered authenticated because the student or Parent/Family member must login to Wolverine Access using their U-M uniqname/kerberos password or U-MFriend Account logon/password.

  • Go to Wolverine Access
    Students: Select Student Business
    Authorized Parent/Family members: select My Student's Information under Parents & Family.
  • Logon to Wolverine Access
    Students: Use your U-M logon and kerberos password
    Parents & Family: Use your U-M Friend account logon and password
  • Select Student Center.
  • Select Account Inquiry under the Finances Section.
  • Select the Pay Now Button.
  • Please note: When an authenticated ePayment is made through Wolverine Access, the system will automatically default the student's UMID number, name, and account balance into the ePayment screens. If the ePayment being processed is an amount other than the account balance or the amount that defaults into the ePayment screen, just highlight the amount that defaulted in and type in the amount of the ePayment to be processed.
  • Enter bank routing number and bank account information as directed and complete ePayment processing.  Please note this is different from your debit card number.  If you are not sure of your routing and account number please contact your bank as they will be able to provide this information.


Guests may submit on-line ePayments to a student account using the link below. ePayments made using this link are unauthenticated ePayments. An unauthenticated ePayment is an on-line ePayment made without logging into the student's account in Wolverine Access. The student's UMID number, name, and amount will not default into the ePayment screens as it does when an authenticated ePayment is processed as described above. Instead:

  • The student's UMID number should be entered into the "Student's UMID" field on the "UM Student Account E-Payments" screen.
  • Select "Continue".
  • Enter the "Payment Amount" into the "Payment Amount" field on the "Enter Payment Amount" screen.
  • Select "Continue".

Once the student's UMID number and payment amount has been entered as described above, the bank account information will be entered just as it would if making an authenticated ePayment described in the "Students and Authorized Parents/Family" section above.

Use the link below to initiate a guest payment: