How to start accepting credit cards

How to start accepting credit cards

U-M departments who accept credit cards for goods and services are called "merchants." Departments are required to have a merchant (bank) account with the U-M's credit card processor bank, Worldpay.

U-M departments can accept credit cards by these methods as long as credit card transactions go through Worldpay and the merchant is operating in a PCI compliant manner:

  • Credit card terminal - can process credit cards in-person, by US mail, telephone and certain faxes.
  • e-commerce website - customers purchase items directly through your online website. Department is not involved in credit card transactions.
  • PC software - department staff process credit cards using a U-M computer connected to the Internet.
  • If taking credit cards over the phone:

Each method requires a separate merchant account.

Accepting credit cards requires you to first complete the following before an account may be opened:


Merchant contact

U-M Treasury requires a single person from the department to be the merchant contact. The merchant contact is responsible for all activities (training, PCI compliance, etc.) regarding credit card acceptance.

The merchant contact is generally someone who is in management and not a secretary or entry level clerk. This person should be familiar with overall knowledge of department credit card acceptance.

Please review Merchant Contact responsibilities