Unit Taken Photos Information

Unit Taken Photos Information

Photograph Consent Requirements 

SPG 601.13 Identification Photos; Identification and Access Control concerning photos taken of university members for reasons other than the production of an Mcard states:

It is also the policy of the University of Michigan that any individual or organization engaged in taking identification photos of any faculty member, staff member, student or other person(s) acting on behalf of the University outside of the central Mcard process shall obtain written/electronic authorization from the individual before using the photo for that specific purpose.

The individual or organization taking the photo may release the photograph for other purposes only in the following cases: (1) in compliance with written/electronic authorization from the individual; (2) to comply with valid legal requests or orders to produce the photograph as approved by the Office of the General Counsel; (3) to otherwise comply with applicable federal, state or local laws or regulations as approved by the Office of the General Counsel.

Individuals wishing to change their original authorization have the option to withdraw their authorization at any time. The individual or organization taking the photo needs to communicate this option and provide a process for individuals to withdraw their authorization.

In addition to the SPG 601.13, the SPG 601.12 Institutional Data Resource Management Policy contains additional associated references regarding rights and responsibilities for institutional data.

Photo Consent/Authorization Form Guidelines

University members who take their own photos for a particular purpose will need to devise a specific authorization form and a mechanism for deletion of authorization. It is very important that the authorization form be written with distinct detail. Photos cannot be used beyond what is stated on the authorization form without the individual’s further written or electronic authorization. Authorization forms also cannot be vague or ambiguous.

The photo consent/authorization form must contain all of the following pertinent requirements:

  • Complete description of the photo use, including exactly
    • Who (individual or department/unit taking photo)
    • When (immediately, 7/14/14, every semester, annually, etc.)
    • Where (dept roster on the bulletin board, staff bio on internal dept Web site, etc.)
    • How (printed annual board report, attached in an electronic unit newsletter, etc.)
  • A sentence indicating: “This photograph will not be used for any other purpose without my express permission.”
  • A sentence indicating: “I am aware that I can submit in writing to <dept/unit> and revoke authorization of my photograph. I understand that photos previously used by <dept/unit> to this point in printed materials may not be retractable.”
  • Language indicating “I approve of the use of my photo for said use(s) by <dept/unit>.
  • Line for individual’s signature
  • Line for individual’s printed name
  • Line for individual’s date

Revocation of Authorization

A mechanism to revoke previous photo authorization must be made available to individuals. Once department/unit has received an individual’s written or electronic revocation of authorization, department/unit can no longer use individual’s photo effective immediately. If possible, individual’s photo should be retracted from previous use (taken off bulletin board, Web site, etc.).

Rev. 4/2006