Mcard Discount Submissions

Mcard Discount Submissions

To submit a free personal discount offer for individuals at the University of Michigan, please read the Mcard Discounts Policy and then complete an Mcard Discounts Submission Form.

Complete the submission form, including authorized company representative signature, and return to the Mcard Admin team via fax or you can scan your completed/signed document and attach it to an email. If you chose the email attachment method, please note that we must have a written legitimate signature (not typed).

In terms of for whom the discount applies, the submission form has a few categories. Note: “Anyone with an Mcard” means, anyone issued a U-M ID card which not only includes employees & students, but alumni, visitors, contractors, etc. as well.

You can elect to have a discount termination date of “N/A” or a specific date of your choice. The discount offer is reviewed by several U-M areas, which generally takes several weeks. If approved, it will be posted to the website immediately. If for some reason it is not approved, you will be contact via email.

Please note that this is the only valid means of "promoting" the personal offers at the university.  You also have the alternative of placing an ad in the student newspaper, the Michigan Daily, or the staff newspaper, the University Record.