All Out Fitness: 15% off fitness training and classes, etc.

Local fitness studio that provides discounts of 15% off personal training sessions, group fitness classes and massage service.  Get in shape and feel great with classes focus on functional fitness and fun; like boot camps, cardio, barbell, kettlebell, Detroit Style Ballroom and Zumba® classes. You need a short timeout?! Perfect, relax in our Yoga class and with soothing strokes of a Swedish massage! See website for additional info.

540 Avis Drive, Suite D, Ann Arbor

Phone: (734) 622 - 0878

All Out Fitness

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, All Out Fitness specializes in providing scientifically valid exercise programs and personal training in the area of fitness, weight loss, conditioning, performance enhancement, and physical development.

All Out Fitness has a passion for exercise physiology and the art of simply getting results. By applying our vast knowledge and understanding of the physiological aspect of exercise, we are able to work with you in achieving your personal goals.