Forms and Certificates

List of Exemption Certificates

Forms and Certificates

Select the form required from the following list:

IRS Determination Letter
This form is used to document the university's tax exempt status. It is often used in conjunction with the Michigan sales tax exemption form or when receiving donations/grants.

  1. Accountable Plan Exception Request Form

Individuals must submit this form to the Tax Compliance & Planning Office when their expenses are beyond 45 days after the start date and the lateness is due to extenuating circumstances. 

Michigan Sales Tax Exemption
This form is used to exempt the university from sales tax on purchases. It is used in conjunction with the IRS determination letter (documenting the university's exempt status). The form can be completed by adding the vendor and date. Please keep in mind that the form should be used in accordance with SPG 502.03, covering Michigan sales and use tax, as it relates to university business. (Needs vendor and date)

Michigan Sales Tax License
If the university sells goods (e.g. computers, T-shirts, etc.) a sales tax license is required. Attached is the university's license.

W-9 Form
This form is used to provide the legal name and taxpayer identification number for the university. It is often given to payors before payment is made to the university. Please pick from the two versions of the form below. For each one will need you to enter a date, however the second one will also need you to complete the address.

Forms 990_T prepared by Tax Department

Other States' Exemption Certificates
These forms can be used to exempt sales tax imposed by other states. This may apply when traveling on university business; however it is state and use specific and should be used in accordance with the laws governing the particular state. Some examples are meals, lodging and goods/services. Please see the schedule below a matrix for a listing of the states, documents needed and further actions steps. The applicable certificates are available below.

Multistate Sales Tax Schedule - please note that an exemption is available only in the event the purchase is made on behalf of the university and paid for by university funds, such as a P-card.  If an individual pays with a personal credit card, the exemption is not typically available.