Flag all lobbying costs.

Detailed definition of lobbying

  • Attempts to influence the outcomes of any federal, state, or local election, referendum, initiative, or similar procedure, through in-kind or cash contributions, endorsements, publicity, or similar activity.
  • Establishing, administering, contributing to, or paying the expenses of a political party, campaign, political action committee, or other organization established for the purpose of influencing the outcomes of elections.
  • Any attempt to influence:
    • The introduction of federal or state legislation
    • The enactment or modification of any pending federal or state legislation through communication with any member or employee of the Congress or state legislature, including efforts to influence state or local officials to engage in similar lobbying activity
    • Any government official or employee in connection with a decision to sign or veto enrolled legislation.
  • Any attempt to influence the enactment or modification of any pending federal or state legislation by preparing, distributing, or using publicity or propaganda, or by urging members of the general public, or any segment thereof, to contribute to or participate in any mass demonstration, march, rally, fund raising drive, lobbying campaign or letter writing or telephone campaign.
  • Legislative liaison activities, including attendance at legislative sessions or committee hearings, gathering information regarding legislation, and analyzing the effect of legislation, when such activities are carried on in support of or in knowing preparation for an effort to engage in unallowable lobbying.


Grant administration is not lobbying.

Do not flag costs to provide information requested by a congressional committee or funding agency.


Your department arranges for legislative aides who work for a senator to visit the department's research program. The purpose of the invitation is to provide information that will convince the senator to support funding for the department's research.

  1. Do the costs of the aides' visit require an X Class?

    Yes. The costs require an X Class because the purpose of the visit is lobbying, which is an ICRX activity.