Employee morale, health, and welfare

Employee morale, health, and welfare


Flag costs for the improvement of employer-employee relations, employee morale, employee performance, and working conditions when the program is not offered to all employees of the university on an equitable basis.


  • Retirement events
  • Employee recognition


Do not flag costs of university service awards and university-wide workplace recognition awards.


An academic department holds a retirement reception for a retiring faculty member.

  1. Do the reception costs require an X Class?

    Yes, flag the expenses with the appropriate X Class because the retirement reception is at the unit level and not offered to all employees of the university equally.

The university's Benefits Office has an annual employee recognition program, U-MATTER. All employees are eligible to receive a monetary award.

  1. Do the costs of running the U-MATTER program and monetary awards require an X Class?

    No. All employees are eligible for the U-MATTER award.

The dean purchased flowers on his P-Card for a staff member who is in the hospital.

  1. Do the flower costs require an X Class?

    Yes. The flowers are an ICRX employee morale cost and require an X Class. Not all departments at the university would pay for the flowers with university funds.