Alumni activities

Alumni activities


Flag costs of alumni activities.


Do not flag the cost of monitoring alumni of Public Health Service Training Grants. Public Health Service Grants require tracking the program's alumni. Because these grants are sponsored awards, costs of tracking the program's alumni do not require an X Class.


Your department sends a newsletter to alumni and others.

  1. Do the newsletter costs require an X Class?

    Yes. The newsletter costs are ICRX because they are an alumni activity.

A departmental administrator spends half of her time for general departmental support. She spends the other half of her time on the department's alumni newsletter.

  1. What funding line or lines does the administrator need on her appointment document?

    The administrator needs two funding lines: one for general departmental support and one for the newsletter activity. General departmental support requires a Departmental Administration Class. The newsletter activity is an ICRX activity, so this funding line requires the same Class ending in X.

  2. What Class(es) are appropriate and why?

    A-21 requires the university to classify salaries of administrators and clerical staff as Departmental Administration. In this case, the administrator's general department support belongs in a Departmental Administration Class.

    A-21 also requires the university to identify effort on ICRX activities. The university chose to identify ICRX expenditures with the appropriate Class ending in X.