Project/Grant SAPOC Change Request

Project/Grant SAPOC Change Request

Project/Grant SAPOC Change Request

When research project teams need to change their “single administrative point of contact” (SAPOC) in the MPathways Financials & Physical Resources system (FIN), they should use the Project/Grant SAPOC Change Request form to expedite that process. 

SAPOC Change Request Form

Instructions to guide you through the process are below and also on the second tab of the SAPOC Change Request form itself. 


  1. Open the Project/Grant SAPOC Change Request query in Business Objects. The directory mapping is below, a copy may be saved to your Favorites folder. **Business Objects access is required**

    SAPOC Change - Step 1

  2. Run query by your preferred prompt. The query may be run using a specific department id (you’re changing the SAPOC for all sponsored P/Gs in that department), the name of the current SAPOC (due to turnover or temporary leave of absence all P/Gs for a specific SAPOC need to be reassigned) or by a specific PI (workload reassignments require all P/Gs under PI Smith to be moved to a different SAPOC). Only one prompt is required, running the query using multiple prompts may limit the outputs and leave P/Gs assigned to the old SAPOC.
    SAPOC Change - Step 2
  3. Once the query is run, download the output to Excel.
    SAPOC Change - Step 3
  4. Once query output is opened in Excel, copy all results and paste into a blank copy of the SAPOC Change Request Form.

    SAPOC Change Step 4a

    Query Output

    SAPOC Change Request Form

    Step 4b SAPOC Change

  5. Complete both Columns F and G with new SAPOC contact information. Both columns are required to be filled in for all P/Gs being reassigned or the form will be returned.
  6. Send completed form to your Customer Service representative in Sponsored Programs.

When P/Gs belong to more than one Customer Service representative, please submit the entire form to one representative; Sponsored Programs will process all at once.

This form is only used to change the SAPOC in Chartfields/M-Reports. If you need to change the Primary Post-Award Contact listed in eRPM on the Award record please follow the instructions in the following link:

Please note, Column A includes project grants that begin with AWD. These are actual project grants in the FIN system assigned to a SAPOC and should be included in your change request. When you change a parent P/G starting with an N or F you should also change the AWD P/G to match.

Good to know: 

If your SAPOC is also the primary research administrator (PRA) in eResearch, you may have to update that separately. Your Unit Administrator changes the PRA through eResearch (which is a distinct system from eResearch). Here are links to ITS's step-by-step guides: