How to add (or update) a PeoplePay supplier

How to add (or update) a PeoplePay supplier

  1. Complete the Supplier Request form.  (Please fill in the form first and then print it.)

    New suppliers are sent a Supplier Certification form (Substitute W-9) to complete, sign and return to Supplier Maintenance. (Alternatively, units may assist with the supplier certification process by asking the supplier to complete this form in advance, which may be submitted with the Supplier Request form.

  2. Submit completed form(s) to Supplier Maintenance (see below).

Note:  Due to the security risk in transmitting social security numbers, Supplier Maintenance does not accept requests via e-mail message or e-mail attachment.  All requests that contain a social security number must be sent to Supplier Maintenance via our secure fax number or by phone.

Fax Request

  • Fax the completed Supplier Request form (and/or Supplier Certification form) to the SM Team at (734) 615-5704.  Be sure to include your contact information.
  • A SM Team member will contact you with the Supplier ID number for the supplier as soon as the record has been created. 

E-mail Request

  • You may send an e-mail message to if the message and any attachment(s) do not contain a social security number.  If an e-mail message or attachment is received that contains a social security number, the message will be deleted immediately, and you will be required to resubmit the information via fax request.
  • E-mail may be used to request new/updated information for suppliers that have a Tax ID number (TIN).