Effort Certification Process Streamlined for Terminating Employees

Effort Certification Process Streamlined for Terminating Employees

Beginning 6/1/22, employees who have future termination dates entered into M-Pathways will have the ability to certify their effort through Employee Self Service immediately until their termination date. 

With this new enhancement, it will no longer be necessary to generate paper-based effort certification reports, providing that effort is certified prior to an employee's termination date. This will significantly reduce the administrative burden associated with the current as-needed process.

Before this enhancement, employees who certified their effort on a fiscal-year basis were unable to certify online until April 1 of that fiscal year. If an employee terminated prior to April 1, an As-Needed Effort Certification Report was generated by the unit and forwarded to the Payroll Office for online approval.

The processing of a future termination date in M-Pathways will not, however, generate a notification to certify. With that in mind, it's important to note that HR unit administrators will continue to be responsible for notifying their employees to certify their effort as part of the offboarding process.

For additional information on effort certification, please review Standard Practice Guide 501.10. If you have any questions about this enhancement, please email [email protected].