Overpayments of Salary

Overpayments of Salary

Repayment Agreement Form and Instructions

Repayment Schedule Section

A detailed schedule of repayment deductions must be listed in this part of the Agreement based upon the employee's pay schedule (biweekly or monthly). If the schedule requires more than one page, it can be referenced as an attachment.

Authorization Section

The standardized Repayment Agreement has been drafted to meet the requirements in the state law; however, departmental discretion can be used for the wording in the Authorization Section. The first sentence in the Authorization Section - "I authorize each and every payroll deduction as delineated in the above schedule." - is necessary. The remainder of the paragraph can be excluded.

Signature Section

The signature of the faculty or staff member is necessary. Additional signature lines can be added for departmental representatives.

Review - Office of the General Counsel Section

After the faculty or staff member has signed the Repayment Agreement and it is approved by the department, send the original to Denise Welty, Payroll Office, G395 Wolverine Tower, 1279. The Payroll Office will be responsible for securing the review by a representative from the Office of the General Counsel, if necessary. Please note that the Payroll Office must receive the agreement at least 2 weeks before the deductions should begin. This allows time for entering the deduction data into the system before the payroll cutoff.

If you have any questions about the repayment process or the Repayment Agreement, please contact Denise Welty (763-1115).