Effort Reporting Changes

Effort Reporting Changes

Under university policy, a change in an employee's plan of 5% or more is significant, and must be processed in the university system to reflect the new effort distribution. These adjustments must be submitted to Human Resources Records Information Services (HRRIS) within a reasonable time that is consistent with the University's Cost Transfer Policy. HRRIS can be contacted at (734) 764-9250 or http://www.hr.umich.edu/hrris/.

The University Effort Reporting Policy gives units the flexibility to be more restrictive and have a threshold of lower than 5% if the unit chooses.  This recognizes the fact that business varies across campus.  Please check with your unit administrator to find out your unit’s threshold.

If the report is incorrect, changes must be made in the Human Resources Management System (HRMS), and a new Effort Certification Report must be certified electronically by the employee.  Effort changes for a period already certified will require the employee to re-certify electronically through Wolverine Access Employee Self Service.

If the individual is no longer employed by the University, the employee must sign an As Needed Report through Wolverine Access. As Needed Report instructions can be found at https://maislinc.umich.edu/mais/html/HR_As_Needed_Effort_Certification_Report.html

Please note: Hand written changes will not be accepted on a signed Effort Certification Report.