EBS Client FAQs

EBS Client FAQs


What approval is required to initiate a payment?

Authorizing approval from your department is required as follows to initiate payments:

  • Invoices: Approval is provided by Internal Control Appendix A (updated annually) and your stamped and signed invoice or email to [email protected].
  • PAR Requests: Be sure to attach a document indicating the purpose of the transaction. For example, additional pay for service rendered, promotion, etc. Include unit approval in your attachment upload.


Check deposits

How do I deposit a check?

  1. Complete the EBS Check Log in Google Sheets.
  2. Deposit check(s) using the Huntington Bank scanner system. (DO NOT copy or scan-and-email checks!)
  3. Notify EBS that a deposit has been made. Please try to deposit checks before 4:00 pm so analysts can complete a Cash Reciept Ticket (CRT) on the same day.
  4. Retain deposited checks in a secure location for 30 days.

Note that some document types (Certified Checks, USPS Money Orders) will not deposit using the Huntington Bank scanning device. Forward these to Executive Business Services via interoffice mail for manual processing.



How are hosting expenses processed?

Preferred Vendors:

When a Preferred Vendor and Short Code are utilized (e.g., Pizza House, Zingerman’s, etc) a completed Hosting Form is required.

  1. Select the “eForms” box on the Shared Service Center’s (SSC) website: ssc.umich.edu.
  2. Within the eForm box, select:
    1. Accounts/SOA
    2. Supporting Documentation eForm
    3. External Hosting Short Code radio button
  3. Complete the required information.

How are internal vendor expenses processed?

Documentation for hosting Incoming expenses utilizing an internal vendor (Michigan Creative, Michigan League, Michigan Union, etc.) is not required at this time. Analysts may request hosting documentation for analysis reporting purpose.


Human Resources

What are the most frequent Human Resource transactions?

The Shared Services Center processes HR transactions for units. eForms are available for the following transactions:

  • PAR Requests - Current Staff Job Change
  • PAR Request - Separation or Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • PAR Request - Additional Pay Workflow
  • Job Posting Requests
  • Job Offer/Hire Requests
  • Student Job Posting Requests
  • Student Job Offer/Hire Requests
  • Tuition Support Payments

HR transaction eForms are available on the SSC website: ssc.umich.edu.

  1. HR Services (box in the middle of the page)
  2. Services (top left header)
  3. HR Services > HR
  4. Additional Resources
  5. HR Coordinator Services Quick Reference Guide
  6. Commonly used Earning Codes for additional payments:
    • ADD - Admin or Added Duties Diff
    • SAL - Salary Supplement
    • TTN - Telecommunication Device Stip
    • BMC - New Hire Payment
    • RAP - Relocation Assistance Payment
    • UNS - Service Unrelated to Appointment
    • AWE - Award
  7. Please put your assigned analyst name in the notification box when you create any PAR.

Email [email protected] when any HR transaction is initiated.



How are invoices processed?

To be valid for payment, invoices must:

  • Include the word “Invoice.” (Bills, Estimates, Packing Slips, Quotes, and Statements, are not accepted.)
  • Addressed to the University of Michigan or a UM department, not an individual.
  • Includes the vendor’s current Remit Address.
  • Includes the current amount due. (AP does not pay past due amounts.)

When submitted invoices for payment to EBS, be sure to include on the scanned document:

  • Short Code
  • Business Purpose (be specific)
  • Approving Statement or Signature
  • Contract Number (if known)


Pcard and out-of-pocket reimbursements

How are Pcard and out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed?

The following information is required:

  • Event Date
  • Short Code
  • Business Purpose
  • Receipt (memo if no receipt)
  • Attendees, including affiliation (Hosting only)
  • EBS Per Diem


Quick links

What are the most frequently used quick links?


Services rendered payments

How are payments made for services rendered?

When paying individuals (not companies but guests, students, and UM employees from other units) for services rendered:

Guests/External Service Providers:

Have the individual submit a valid invoice and a copy of their current W9.

Employees from Other UM Departments:

  • Regular employees who perform services outside standard job duties must be compensated by PAR Additional Pay. (See Human Resources, left.)
  • Temporary employees (including students with temporary work assignments) are compensated by means of PeoplePay: Exception Payment. Have the individual submit an invoice, and include their UMID, current mailing address, and a copy of their W9.


For students without a temporary work assignment, payment processing must include contact with the office of Financial Aid. Have the student provide an invoice, their UMID, current mailing address, and copy of their W9.


Tuition reimbursements

How are tuition reimbursements processed?

Policy and procedures for the employee Tuition Support Program is discussed under Standard Practice Guide (SPG) 201.69, summarized below. Note that there is an annual cap for tuition reimbursement identified in the SPG.

  • The employee seeking support or reimbursement completes the Tuition Support Request form and submits it to their supervisor for approval.
  • The supervisor reviews the request and notifies the employee if tuition support is approved.
  • When approved, upon receipt of required documentation (official grade report and a paid bill or receipt), initiate a PAR request for Additional Pay, using one of the following earning codes:
    • TRN – Tuition Refund Undergraduate (Untaxed)
    • TRT – Tuition Refund Graduate (Untaxed)
    • TRS – Tuition Refund (Taxed)
  • Attach the Tuition Support Request, required documentation, and unit approval with your PAR submission.
  • Email [email protected] notifying us that you’ve initiated the payment request.
  • Reimbursements in excess of the annual cap are taxable.