Summary of Teller Services

Summary of Teller Services

The Teller Services area works in conjunction with Student Financial Services to provide cash services to students, faculty and staff. They accept payments from students, as well as provide disbursement services to students, faculty and staff.


All disbursements require presentation of valid identification with two pieces required for cash, one of which must have a photo.

Travel and Business Hosting Advances

In accordance with Section III-N of University of Michigan (U-M) SPG 501-4.1: Faculty and staff that do not have a P-Card may obtain a Travel Advance through the CONCUR online system to cover travel or hosting expenses that are reimbursable according to the University Travel/Business Hosting Policy. Students, Non-Employees, ISR and GSA’s may obtain their travel advances at Pierpont Commons or the Michigan Union locations of The University of Michigan Credit Union. Teller Services may assist those seeking cash up to and including $1,000.

The advance must be approved and signed by a higher administrative authority other than the traveler. Further signature requirements apply for advances of $5,000 or greater. Please refer to the SPG listed above. A Travel/Business Hosting Expense Advance Request Promissory Note must be completed with proper signatures before an advance will be issued. A valid University ID is required to process an advance. All advances must be presented prior to the trip/event taking place.


Approved refund requests will be processed for direct deposit if the student has direct deposit information on file with the U-M Payroll Office. If the student does not have direct deposit information on file, a check will be mailed to the student’s CURRENT address in Wolverine Access. Direct deposits and checks are generated nightly Monday through Friday. Direct deposits are generally available within one to two business days of the refund’s posted date. Refund checks will be mailed within one or two business days of the refund’s posted date and should be received within seven days.

PLEASE NOTE: Refund checks will no longer be available for pick-up in person at Student Financial Services/Teller Services on the day the refund is requested.

Petty Cash

Faculty, Staff and Students who have purchased items for office usage or special projects that are not available through the University Market Place may receive reimbursement for these expenditures from Tellers Services. Maximums of $200 per receipt, $200 per day apply. Please present a completed Petty Cash form with approving signatures for reimbursement. (Please see Petty Cash form instructions for assistance in completing the form.) Two pieces of valid identification are required. This service is also available at the Pierpont Commons location of the University of Michigan Credit Union.

Human Subject Fees

Human subject fee payments are disbursed at Teller Services upon receipt of the completed Human Subject Fee Payment Request Form. Valid identification is required.

Making Payments

Tuition & Fees

Ann Arbor Central Campus Teller Services accepts tuition & fees payments in the form of cash, check and money order. A student must provide her or his UMID number to receive proper credit of the payment. When paying in person, it is recommended that the student print a Student Account statement from Wolverine Access for expedited service.

Student Loans

Teller Services accepts payments in the form of cash, check and money order for University of Michigan issued student loans only.1

Enrollment Deposits

A student must present a completed Enrollment Deposit Request form (obtained from the appropriate Admission Office) for proper credit of payment.

1 Student loan payments are accepted for student loans issued and collected by the U-M. Payments on loans issued by other lenders, including Direct Loan Servicing, Sallie Mae and other lending institutions are not accepted by Teller Services.