Credit Card Terminal Troubleshooting

Credit Card Terminal Troubleshooting

*** Please remember that only U-M Treasury staff are allowed to repair or replace your credit card terminal ***

*** If it is determined you need a new credit card terminal, order through U-M Treasurer's Office ( instead of directly through Worldpay to receive a discounted terminal ***


Terminal tips and troubleshooting from Worldpay:

Setting or Verifying a Pre-Dial Number:

Setting or Verifying the Terminal Date and Time:

  • Video instructions:
  • Verifone terminal instructions at the 1 minute mark
  • Ingenico terminal instructions at the 2 minute 45 second mark

Analog Phone Line Terminal Communications Issues:

  • Video instructions:
  • (Note: most office phone lines are digital - not analog. Testing a terminal in a digital phone line will not work.)

Interruptions When Processing a Transaction:

  • Video instructions:
  • (Note: It is recommended to use a 'cleaning card' normally and only use a dollar bill sparingly.)
  • (Cleaning frequencies are dependent on how many cards swiped and how dirty/dusty the area.)

Terminal Communication Failure Messages:

  • Video instructions:
  • (Note: Only U-M Treasury can authorize a credit card terminal to process through the Internet/network - 'Ethernet connection.')

Top 3 Terminal Errors:

  • Video instructions:
  • Printer Error
  • Power Fail Recovery Error (Verifone terminals)
  • Card Reader Error
  • (Note: Only order replacement/new terminals through U-M Treasury to save money. Ordering directly through Worldpay will cost you more.

"E2EE Group Invalid 4" or "E2EE Internal Error 4" resolution

  • From the normal sales screen, press green Enter button
  • Press far left purple key to scroll menu
  • Select "Key Sync"
  • Password: enter 11739 and press Enter button
  • Terminal will dial out and process the update and then return to the normal sale screen

"Key Sync" error or terminal won't accept hand-entered transactions

  • Select Credit/Debit button to take you to normal sale screen if not there already
  • Press the green Enter button
  • Press far left purple button until you see "Key Sync" option
  • Select "Key Sync"
  • Password: enter 11739 and press Enter button
  • Terminal will dial out and process the update and then return to the normal sale screen

How to darken printed receipts on a VX520 Terminal

  • Press the F2 and F4 buttons simultaneously
  • It will ask for password, type: 1 Alpha Alpha 66831 and press <enter>
  • Select “1” for Edit Parameters
  • It should display “Group ID:  1”,  press <enter>
  • It will ask for password for GID 1, type:  1 Alpha Alpha 66831
  • It should display “File: CONFIG . SYS_”, press <enter>
  • Select “1” for New
  • It should display “Parameter:” with 2 rows of dashes, type the following: *DARK and <enter>
  • It should then display “Value:” with 2 rows of dashes, type: 5 and <enter>
  • Press the red cancel button until you see “Restart” and select it.

*In order to type characters, press the number in which the letter is located, and then press the “Alpha” key for the appropriate amount of times (e.g., in order to type “D”, press the 3 key and press alpha once.)


Verifying that your VeriFone Terminal's Auto Batch/Settle is Disabled



Need assistance email or call 734 763-1299.