Do already expired—or soon to expire—Mcards need to be renewed now?

UPDATED:  1/1/2022

Campus ID stations reopen after the holidays on January 3rd.  If you need access to locked academic buildings after January 11th, your expired Mcard will not be accepted at building card readers.  Renewing your expired Mcard at a campus ID station is the quickest method as the new Mcard would provide building access in about 30 minutes. 

Should you not need building access due to working/studying remotely, you can obtain a new Mcard when you return to campus or in January request a new Mcard by mail through the Shared Services Center (SSC) ID station.  It's very important to note that if SSC prints a new Mcard, your current Mcard will be deactivated for access immediately and you would not be able to access locked buildings until your new Mcard arrives in the U.S. mail which may take 1-2 weeks.  If you require building access before January 11th, please exchange your Mcard at a campus ID station instead.


UPDATED:  11/12/2021

With the holidays upon us and all ID stations having holiday closures, there are less days to renew Mcards.  For individuals who are seeking a new Mcard be mailed to their homes, the Shared Services Center (SSC) is expecting numerous Mcard requests in the coming weeks and is closed December 24 - January 2.  The U.S. mail delivery is usually longer this time of year.  Thus, Mcard requests should be made as soon as possible, especially if the new Mcard will be needed by 1/11/22.  Please note that it may take multiple weeks to receive the new Mcard.  If you'll need building access during this time frame, you may want to consider exchanging your Mcard for a new one in-person at a campus ID station.  


UPDATED:  10/4/2021

While Ann Arbor permanent and temporary employee and student expired/expiring Mcards have been extended for Ann Arbor building access through 1/11/2022, it is recommended that these cardholders exchange their Mcards for new ones before Christmas.  After 1/11/2022, expired Mcards will not be able to access locked university buildings.

Ann Arbor campus ID stations can replace expired/expiring Mcards during their regular business hours.  It is recommended that employees use the Shared Services Center (SSC) ID station for a new Mcard.  Student and employees on campus can use other on campus ID station if preferred.  Those employees and students who are remote and not on campus frequently can use the Shared Services Center to obtain a new Mcard and have it mailed to their home (U.S. addresses only).  This mail-to-home option is only applicable if the cardholders will not need Mcard building access until their new card arrives at home in about 5 - 10 business days (applies to October).  Once a new Mcard is printed, all previous Mcards become deactivated.  If building access is required more frequently, then the mailing option may not be appropriate and should not be selected.  




Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, permanent and temporary employee and student Mcards on the Ann Arbor and Flint campuses that have expired in 2020 or 2021or will expire in 2021—have already been extended for campus building access through June 1, 2021, but will be further extended through January 11, 2022

Additional information:

  • The expiration date is located on the front of the Mcard, immediately above the person’s name. 
  • This extension does not add, delete, or change the level of cardholders’ access to their building(s).
  • While access may change in the future for different reasons, the building access reader should not deny access through January 11, 2022 because the Mcard has expired.
  • Ann Arbor campus buildings are designated—for this purpose— as academic and some non-academic buildings on Ann Arbor’s north, central (including the Medical School), and south campuses.  
  • Residence halls, Michigan Medicine and NCRC facilities, or other minor access-control systems using Mcards are not impacted by this information. If access to Michigan Medicine facilities or NCRC facilities is required, an Mcard will need to be obtained from the appropriate ID station: Michigan Medicine or NCRC.  
  • UM-Dearborn Mcard holders can contact if their Mcard is expired.
  • Any questions about accessing campus building(s) with an Mcard should be directed to the access control administrator for the area (typically located in the building’s Facilities Department). 
  • Due to system updates related to extending expired Mcards, access to buildings from 8 p.m. on the expiration date of the Mcard through approximately 7:30 a.m. of the following business day will be temporarily denied. After that time, the Mcard should function as usual. Please be aware of this short delay in building access.
  • AAATA city buses will not accept expired Mcards for free ridership. If riding city buses is an integral part of work transportation or cardholders simply want to renew an Mcard at their convenience, it is recommended that a replacement Mcard can be obtained through the U-M Shared Services Center (SSC) ID station. 
  • It is required to turn in an expired Mcard when obtaining a new one, otherwise a $20 replacement fee may apply. 

Questions about Mcards can be directed to Mcard Administration.