Sponsor Invoicing

The University will invoice sponsors during the term after the drop and add period has passed. Invoices are sent to the contact person at the address provided in the authorization letter. Invoices are due upon receipt. The University will provide up to one (1) duplicate invoice by mail, email, or fax as required, upon request.

The University will bill a sponsor for tuition, miscellaneous fees (Registration Fee, School & College Government Fee, Student Legal Services Fee, Central Student Government Fee,course fees), room and board in University Residence Halls, course and/or lab fees, orientation fee and international health insurance. Payments for other expenses should be coordinated between the student and their sponsor.

Invoice Processing Fee

A $25.00 processing fee will be charged to the sponsor on EACH initial invoice prepared for each term for each student. If more than one student is being sponsored, the sponsor may request that all of the students sponsored by their agency be billed on one invoice each term. If all students are billed on one invoice, each student's charges will be itemized and a grand total calculated for all students on the invoice. Sponsors requesting billing of all students on one invoice will be charged one $25.00 invoice processing fee per term.