Credit Card Terminal Troubleshooting

Credit Card Terminal Troubleshooting

*** Please remember that only U-M Treasury staff are allowed to repair or replace your credit card terminal ***

*** If it is determined you need a new credit card terminal, order through U-M Treasurer's Office ( instead of directly through Vantiv to receive a discounted terminal ***


Terminal tips and troubleshooting from Vantiv:

Setting or Verifying a Pre-Dial Number:

Setting or Verifying the Terminal Date and Time:

  • Video instructions:
  • Verifone terminal instructions at the 1 minute mark
  • Ingenico terminal instructions at the 2 minute 45 second mark

Analog Phone Line Terminal Communications Issues:

  • Video instructions:
  • (Note: most office phone lines are digital - not analog. Testing a terminal in a digital phone line will not work.)

Interruptions When Processing a Transaction:

  • Video instructions:
  • (Note: It is recommended to use a 'cleaning card' normally and only use a dollar bill sparingly.)
  • (Cleaning frequencies are dependent on how many cards swiped and how dirty/dusty the area.)

Terminal Communication Failure Messages:

  • Video instructions:
  • (Note: Only U-M Treasury can authorize a credit card terminal to process through the Internet - 'Ethernet connection.')

Top 3 Terminal Errors:

  • Video instructions:
  • Printer Error
  • Power Fail Recovery Error (Verifone terminals)
  • Card Reader Error
  • (Note: Only order replacement/new terminals through U-M Treasury to save money. Ordering directly through Vantiv will cost you more.

"E2EE Group Invalid 4" or "E2EE Internal Error 4" resolution

  • From the normal sales screen, press green Enter button
  • Press far left purple key to scroll menu
  • Select "Key Sync"
  • Password: enter 11739 and press Enter button
  • Terminal will dial out and process the update and then return to the normal sale screen

Verifying that your VeriFone Terminal's Auto Batch/Settle is Disabled



Need assistance email or call 734 763-1299.