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We are pleased to offer discounts from 3% to 15% and free shipping on all merchandise purchased online through This is an additional storewide discount on top of any current discounts running.

Please use special coupon code "GNBEMPL" that needs to be presented at checkout to receive the discounts. There is no limit to the number of usages.

Green N Brown

Our Mission: "To create greener everyday life for the many people"

We are committed to becoming the world's most trusted brand of environmentally safe and responsible products for a healthy lifestyle. At Green N Brown, we provide the best information and enjoyable shopping experience to our eco shoppers by offering a wide range of Green (eco-friendly) and Brown (organic) products.

Our business is built around three principles:

Ethical Product Sourcing: We source and offer highest-quality and ethically traded products to help create a better future for our manufacturers, artisans and suppliers and ofcourse a more stable climate.

"We source Fair Trade Certified products where relevant. The goal is to empower small scale artisans to invest in their communities, protect the environment, and develop the business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace."

Environmental Stewardship: We minimize our environmental footprint, feel inspired and inspire others to do the same.

"As a company we reduce waste, and conserve energy in every aspect of our operations. Green N Brown offices are paperless. We practice rainwater harvesting for our flushing water needs. This website is hosted on servers that run on 100% renewable wind energy. We neutralize our carbon footprint when we go about our daily business. These are just a few examples to show how passionate we are about Green."

Community Involvement: We bring together our partners, suppliers and customers and inspire them towards a sustainable future. We believe change needs to happen bottoms up - it is the individuals who need to drive the Green Revolution in their everyday lives.

"The collage on this page is compiled from children's expressions on how they perceive the world future, Community Awareness Campaign, Green N Brown"