Training and Resources

Training and Resources

Departmental Cash Management Required Training

1. All departmental staff members on the Ann Arbor campus, who handle cash or non-cash valuables but not preparing deposits, are required to successfully complete the MyLINC TME103 Treasury Management - Cash Handling. It is taken only once.

2. Ann Arbor campus individuals preparing or allocating deposited funds the "Treasury method" are first required to become certified to make deposits TME101 Depository Certification Training* It is required to be successfully completed every two years. For Treasury depositors, the Cash Handling TME103 course is NOT required to be completed. Currently, the U-M Michigan Medicine units have the option of processing the Treasury method or the pre-existing method.

* Note: Contracted Temps (ManPower, Kelly Services, etc.) staff are not systematically eligible to create online Cash Receipt Tickets as a part of the depository process.

Is your department/unit seeking to become a new Treasury depositing location?

Please send an email for additional information prior to ordering initial depository supplies.


Additional training resources

(The items below are not a substitute for the required MyLINC TME101 Depository Certification Training or TME103 Treasury Management - Cash Handling)

Guided simulations

There are three simulations for the Depository Certification materials. Click on any of the links below to launch the simulations.

  1. Create an Online Cash Receipt Ticket
  2. Create an Online Cash Receipt Ticket Template
  3. Make an Automated Deposit at a Campus Deposit Station

There are six documents related to the Depository Certification materials. Click on any of the links below to launch the documents.

  1. Complete Depository Training Guide
  2. Preparing & Making Deposits Quick Reference
  3. Create an Online Cash Receipt Ticket Step-by-Step Procedure
  4. Create an Online Cash Receipt Ticket Template Step-by-Step Procedure
  5. Make Deposits Using an Automated Deposit Station Step-by-Step Procedure
  6. Run the FN03 JrnDetail Report in Business Objects Step-by-Step Procedure

Video regarding spotting counterfeit currency  (additional anti-counterfeiting resources)

Please contact with training questions.


Management Reports

Business Objects report for location deposit activity, deposit discrepancies and certified users: FN03 JrnlDetail Deposit Management Report

Alternatively, there is combined Treasury My LINC training report containing Cash Handling, Depository Certification and Merchant Certification in one Business Objects Report

Online CRT receipt copies: FINPROD query instructions

Deposit activity report (as soon as next business day): FINPROD query instructions

Instructions for updating authorized users (depositors) in MPathways - FINPROD


Additional depository contacts

U-M Treasurer's Office 


  • Becoming a new Treasury depositing location
  • Online cash receipt ticket questions
  • Depository supplies questions
  • Issues with automated campus Deposit Stations

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