Depository Supplies and Deposit Station Locations

Depository Supplies and Deposit Station Locations

Our depository program changed from Bank of America to Huntington Bank on May 1, 2017.

See this web page for the most current details.



In some cases, depository supplies can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. Please plan inventories accordingly.

You can reorder:

  • depository bags (combo bag cheatsheet / FAQs)
  • deposit tickets
  • additional endorsement stamps and ink pads


Your department not use deposit tickets before? Email ( for additional information. 

Not a Treasury depositing location but need generic check endorsement stamp(s)? Email for info.



Deposit station locations

Deposit stations are located around the main campus for the convenience of depositing cash and checks by any person with an Mcard. The following sites currently have deposit stations installed. Additional sites may be added according to demand.

Central Campus

  • School of Social Work

North Campus

  • Pierpont Commons


For additional information on deposit stations, please see Training & Resources.