Important - Mcard production during COVID-19 pandemic

Important - Mcard production during COVID-19 pandemic

All Ann Arbor campus ID stations are closed until further notice.  The Michigan Medicine ID station remains open specifically for Michigan Medicine individuals.  No campus Mcards are printed at Michigan Medicine ID station.


Only Individuals who are considered healthy Ann Arbor campus “Critical Employees” by their unit and have a damaged lost/stolen Mcard or need city bus access for their job may make an appointment for a replacement Mcard.  Students can obtain a temporary Mcard from their residence hall Community Center.  Other cardholders will be required to wait until campus ID stations return to normal operating hours. The ID station operations status is found on this web page:


Ann Arbor critical employees requiring an Mcard can send an email to:  (If a person does not have email, please call Ana 734 764-7119.)  The email should contain the following information:

  • Person’s eight digit UMID number.
  • Indicate issue for Mcard.
  • Reason for critical need.
  • Department authorization may be required in certain circumstances.

A response will confirm email receipt and have further instructions about when and where the Mcard would be ready for pickup at Wolverine Tower.  Do not visit Wolverine Tower until you receive a date/time for Mcard pickup.  Mcards will be produced between Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM.


The Michigan Medicine ID Station below is open for Michigan Medicine cardholders only.  This ID station cannot print Mcards for non-Michigan Medicine cardholders.

The North Campus Research Complex ID office is currently closed.

Until further notice, because of the NCRC Mcard Office closure, expired Michigan Medicine cards for offsite staff can be updated at the Key & ID Office located in the Med Inn Building.  Their hours are Monday-Friday 7AM-4PM. Please note that any red badge (contractors, temps, etc.) renewals will need prior approval from their authorized signer before updating.  If there are any questions on their process for updates, please call their customer support team at (734)763-6376.   


What happens to my Medical School access if my Mcard expired or is about to expire?

·All Mcard access to Medical School buildings has automatically been extended for those with expired or about to expire Mcards through August 1, 2020.  Medical School access questions are directed to:

·If you are a contractor (with a RED Mcard), please note the extension does not apply to Michigan Medicine (hospital) building access.