USFIF: A New Mandatory Fee

USFIF: A New Mandatory Fee

Effective Summer term 2014, a new mandatory fee is being assessed to the student account of every student registered each term.  The new fee is:

 University Unions & Recreational Sports Facility Improvement Fee (USFIF)

The Central Student Government unanimously endorsed the assessment of this fee with support from the individual school and college governments as well as the general student body.   This fee is being assessed to repair, renovate, and improve student spaces in buildings that are heavily used by students for many purposes.  The USFIF was approved by the Regents at their April 2013 Regents meeting. The proceeds from this fee along with funding from other University sources are earmarked to upgrade the following campus facilities:

*Intramural Sports Building

*Central Campus Recreation Building

*North Campus Recreation Building

*Mitchell Field

*Michigan Union

*Pierpont Commons


The USFIF is charged to each registered student’s account with the description of:



The amount of this fee is as follows:

Full term (Fall, Winter, or Spring/Summer) $65.00

Half term (Spring or Summer) $32.50


For more information and history on USFIF, please see the links below.

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