P-Card Management Oversight Reports

P-Card Management Oversight Reports

The P-Card Reports can be accessed one of two ways:

•  Click on the "P-Card/T&E Controls" link under the "Internal Controls" menu (within the COMPLIANCE tab) in M-Reports

•  Directly through Business Objects at Public Folders -> UM-Maintained -> Financials -> FN06 Procurement

The P-Card reports provided are:

• •  P-Card Limit/Usage Comparision (for transaction periods after Concur implementation)

(FN06 Procurement Travel & Expense P-Card Holder & Limits by DeptID, Dept Grp or EmplID)  

  • PCard Limit and Transaction data by Dept ID or Dept Grp with filter and alerter for the following condition: Monthly PCard Limit >3000 AND Max Monthly Spend < 50% of Monthly PCard Limit OR Max Monthly Spend <= 0. This report should be used for transaction periods post-Concur implementation.